Build a back office fast and easy

Most developers have done one or two back offices in their days. Using Cloudy, we hope to make it a much faster and enjoyable process for you

Data model in POCOs

Your data model is stored declaratively, in code, version controlled, and deployed with your application.

Content types do not get saved in some database, and they do not get created by point and click.

Plain Old C# Objects
Example of scaffolding

Extensible, automatic scaffolding

Using regular Razor partials and UI Hints, you extend the scaffolding that the app provides you.


Cloudy.CMS supports any database supported by EF Core: Inmemory, SQLite, SQL Server, CosmosDB ...

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Cloudy plays with your system, instead of you with ours

Cloudy reads your EF Core models to auto generate an admin interface for an application. Be it any web, desktop, native or custom platform.

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You design the application just how you want it

Cloudy supports any and all functionality also supported by .NET and EF Core. For example, that means pick the database that you think is best for your solution.

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More powerful solutions, reduced maintenance

The Cloudy package on top of your app is at a fraction of other CMS, even when comparing only common functionality. Less complexity, more standard components.

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