Launch faster than you ever have

Cloudy is a simple, powerful, cross platform Content Management System to help you release better and faster. For .NET and EF Core.

For agencies

Launch faster

Few lines of code get you very far. Cloudy significantly reduces time to market of your applications. Bringing better margins and more value.

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Enjoy ultimate freedom

Power and extend your applications with whatever you want. Cloudy lets you extend and integrate with anything .NET and EF Core support.

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Empower your teams

You need workable tech. Cloudy is built better, with modern implementation of key features, great editor experience and makes developers happier.

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For developers

Cloudy plays with your system, instead of you with ours

Cloudy reads your EF Core models to auto generate an admin interface for an application. Be it any web, desktop, native or custom platform.

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You design the application just how you want it

Cloudy supports any and all functionality also supported by EF Core and .NET. For example, that means pick the database that you think is best for your solution.

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More powerful solutions, reduced maintenance

The Cloudy package on top of your app is at a fraction of other CMS, even when comparing only common functionality. Less complexity, more standard components.

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Hybrid-headless - use as headless, coupled or both

You decide. Combine, extend, whatever gets you going.

Scan EF Core to create content types

Design your data model, Cloudy interprets the entities.

Advanced state manager

Track unsaved changes and reconciliate conflicts.

Build with blocks across pages and views

Embed single blocks, link blocks across other blocks.

Code-first data model

Data model stored declaratively, version controlled, deployed with your app.

Built in support for any database in EF Core

Literally anything. Inmemory, SQLite, SQL Server, CosmosDB...

Search, sort, filter your entities

Find things easily and intuitively.

Custom columns and edit field controls

An edit environment you design.

Media picker

Select any file right from the admin UI.

CRUD application

Manage your entities easily from the admin UI.

Expressive admin UI

Cloudy reads and interprets whatever you do.

Automated naming support

Pluralisation of your entities in the admin UI.

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Unlimited instances

For hobby and non-commercial projects

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Per month, per instance

For independent contractors

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Per month, per instance

For digital agencies and business

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