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[Display(GroupName = "Inventory")]
public class Book : INameable
    public Guid Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string Writer { get; set; }
    public int ReleasedIn { get; set; }
    public string CoverImage { get; set; }
    public string Genre { get; set; }
Example of a book entity form in Cloudy

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Cloudy allows you to build code first CRUD apps and back offices quickly. Add some config, write your models and let the system interpret the rest. Made with a great developer experience at heart.

How you can use Cloudy

As an inventory app

You can configure the application to manage assortment and stock directly from the UI. Cloudy is a visual interface to your database.

As a backend app to your website

Use Cloudy as a Content Management System or database to manage stores, locations, products or other data for your site.

As a ticketing system

Power your own interface or use the Cloudy UI to create and assign a pipeline of tickets and manage your team's activity.

As an employee database

Manage your employees or a community of people from the interface.

As a project management tool

Create tasks, milestones and assign them to people. You can easily feed your own frontend or use the Cloudy UI.

As ... a great many things

In just a few minutes, you can configure what's needed for your process and start using Cloudy in your production apps.

Stop messing around with tons of CRUD files

Endlessly repeating the boilerplate for Create, Read, Update, Delete operations is a pain. Cloudy interprets your models to generate entities and automates creation of CRUD functionality.

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Launch fast, reduce maintenance

Get off the ground quickly with a code-first app that utilises standard components. Maintain only the design of your data model plus a few lines of configuration.

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Open source, optimised for the cloud

A small and modular add-on to your existing application for performance and scalability.

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Code-first data model

Data model stored declaratively, version controlled, deployed with your app.

Hybrid-headless - use as headless, coupled or both

You decide. Combine, extend, whatever gets you going.

Scan EF Core to create content types

Design your data model, Cloudy interprets the entities.

Advanced state manager

Track unsaved changes and reconciliate conflicts.

Conflict resolution assistant

Notification of conflicts and suggestions to solve them.

Build with blocks across pages and views

Embed single blocks, link blocks across other blocks.

Built in support for any database in EF Core

Literally anything. Inmemory, SQLite, SQL Server, CosmosDB...

Search, sort, filter your entities

Find things easily and intuitively.

Custom columns and edit field controls

An edit environment you design.

Media picker

Select any file right from the admin UI.

CRUD application

Manage your entities easily from the admin UI.

Expressive admin UI

Cloudy reads and interprets whatever you do.

Automated naming support

Pluralisation of your entities in the admin UI.

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